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The Consortium MMT (Memphis Music Town), a 501(c)(3) organization with goals of elevating the creative qualities of songwriters, record producers and recording artists through the input given in a structured format of those principles by the world renowned and respected stars in each of those areas. The Consortium MMT has a focused approach of connecting successful star talents, with their concepts, with those young persons; aspiring recording artists, songwriters and producers who are passionate in working to find their way into the music industry by the route of soul music. This program’s main intent is to be sure that the consistency of the legendary quality that established the credibility for this genre of music is preserved by the sharing of insights by established successful stars giving back to this community hot bed of Soul Music in Memphis, Tennessee. 

The founder of The Consortium MMT is David Porter, half of the songwriting and producing team of the Stax Records era of Isaac Hayes and David Porter. This duo was inducted into the National Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2005 in New York City.  Porter’s desire is grounded in his steps to give back to a genre that shaped the success of Hayes and Porter through Soul Music.



The Consortium MMT will host its annual fundraiser on October 11, 2014 at the Cannon Center in Downtown Memphis at 8pm. This year’s honoree is none other than Stevie Wonder.  This important fundraiser will enable the programs of The Consortium MMT to continue to be of quality, impact and lasting for decades and decades as a contributor to the great genre of Soul Music.

The Consortium MMT believes that there is no better way to begin our annual fundraising efforts than to have Stevie Wonder as the first recipient of our Epitome of Soul award. When we think of a person who sets the gold standard in Soul Music, we think of Stevie Wonder.

Wonder was born a child prodigy, and throughout his career has won 25 Grammy Awards, including a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (1996).  In 1989, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. More recently, in 2009, he was recognized with the Second Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.*  He has had more than ten U.S. number-one hits on the pop charts, 20+ R&B number one hits, and album sales totaling more than 100 million worldwide.

A host of celebrity guests & friends will pay tribute, through words and songs, to Stevie Wonder for his impact to all of the industries in the music industry.



The Consortium MMT will annually recognize and present the Epitome of Soul award to a national figure who has qualities that separate them from the norm in ways of their artistry which gives them longevity, global reach, major influence on young and aspiring upcoming talents as well as showing a sense of sensitivity and concern for all mankind around the world. 

The Lineup

The Consortium MMT: The Epitome of Soul Award Honoring Stevie Wonder in Memphis, Tennessee October 11th 2014 8:00 PM at The Cannon Center.

  • Stevie Wonder | 2014 Honoree
    Stevie Wonder | 2014 Honoree

    American singer, songwriter, musician, and producer, Stevie Wonder, is one of the most celebrated and prominent figures in popular music, who at the age of 13, was the youngest recording artist to have achieved a #1 single with "Fingertips, Part 2", and subsequently the first to simultaneously reach #1 on Billboard's Hot 100, R&B Singles and Album Charts.

    To date he has amassed 49 Top Forty singles, 32 #1 singles and worldwide sales of over 100 million units. Stevie has won 25 Grammy Awards, the prestigious Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.

    While Stevie Wonder's songs are unequivocally classic and his influence timeless, equally laudable are his humanitarian efforts, philanthropic leadership, and generosity of spirit. He has received numerous accolades including awards from the President's Committee on Employment of Handicapped People, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Children's Diabetes Foundation and the American Association of People with Disabilities. Since 1996, Stevie's Annual House Full of Toys Benefit Concert has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of toys, computers, games and educational aids to children, families and organizations in need.

     In 1983, Stevie spearheaded the realization of "Martin Luther King Day" as a national holiday.  His participation in the 1985 "We Are The World" fundraiser for hunger in Africa was a music industry milestone while his involvement to put an end to apartheid in South Africa is legendary. He is the youngest recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors, is a Commander of France's National Order of Arts and Letters and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Songwriters Hall of Fame, the NAACP Hall of Fame, and the Apollo Theatre Hall of Fame.

    Upon being awarded the Library of Congress' Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, Stevie performed his commission, "Sketches Of A Life," which placed him in a very select group of eminent composers who have received library commissions, including Aaron Copeland, Leonard Bernstein and Paquito D'Rivera.

    As a live performance tour de force, Stevie continues to astound audiences around the world. This summer, he headlined and performed at iconic sold-out music Festivals across Europe in nine countries including London's Calling, Roskilde in Denmark and the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

     Stevie is a designated U.N. Messenger of Peace with special focus on persons with disabilities. He continues to be pivotal in U.S. and world events, demonstrating the activism that has made him such a vital voice for social progress and world harmony.

  • Rickey Minor | Producer & Music Director
    Rickey Minor | Producer & Music Director

    Rickey Minor, music director for American Idol, will serve as producer and music director. Minor, a four time Emmy nominee, previously spent nearly four years jamming alongside Jay Leno as the leader of the famed Tonight Show Band. Along the way, he’s worked with a veritable “who’s who” of popular music across genres and generations including Whitney Houston, Sting, Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, Pharrell, Garth Brooks, Usher, Jamie Foxx, and Ray Charles.

  • Ledisi

    You can tell when a woman has finally come into her own. It’s in the swivel of her

    hips, the growl in her voice and the joy that brightens her face when she smiles.

    A woman filled with confidence is a force to be reckoned with. For singer

    songwriter Ledisi, that exuberance rings through on every track of her new album

    The Truth.

    “I changed my life!” Ledisi says with a laugh. “With every album I grow, and with

    The Truth I am really starting to accept myself fully. I mean, I’ve always felt great

    about myself, but this time I’ve gone to a new level.”

    The result is an album filled not only with Ledisi’s trademark soaring ballads but

    also something unexpected: a generous collection of up-tempo, beat-driven

    celebrations of love and lust. Ledisi describes the effort as “vibrant, sensual and

    fun. Of all of my recordings, this is definitely my favorite album ever.”

    And that’s saying a lot. Over the past 13 years, New Orleans native Ledisi

    Anibade Young has recorded six albums, gained eight Grammy nominations

    including a nod for “Best New Artist” in 2008, performed six times at the White

    House for President and Mrs. Obama, and earned a place in the pantheon of the

    best soul singers of her generation. With The Truth, Ledisi, known for her rich

    and evocative ballads says it’s time for something new. “What you’re getting is a

    fiery version of Ledisi.”

    What sparked her flame? Ledisi won’t name names, but she will say this: “I let go

    of toxic relationships and embarked on new healthy relationships. One in

    particular has me glowing!”

    Her first single, I Blame You, is a joyful reflection on that new-found love. “This

    other person made me feel beautiful,” she says. “And that made me look at

    myself and see myself in a different light.” Her friend and collaborator, Claude

    Kelly (Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera) came up with title.

    “I came into the studio and Claude asked me how I was feeling and I said, ‘I feel

    excited about myself,’” she recalls. “I told him someone was making me smile

    and he thought of the idea of blaming the other person for building me up. But of

    course, that only works if you are open to it.”

    The transformative power of letting go of the old and embracing the new is

    celebrated in the album’s title track, The Truth, produced by D.J. Camper,

    (Chrisette Michelle, John Legend, Keyshia Cole).

    “I wrote the song in a hotel room,” says Ledisi, singing one of her favorite lines.

    “Like a hurricane without warning I woke up Sunday morning, had to face the


    “That song was the beginning of me letting go,” she continues. “I realized, it’s

    okay for you to leave something that’s not working. Of course, it’s scary to realize

    the truth and then go ahead and make a move. But that’s what you have to do.

    Basically it comes down to, are you going to stay here and be miserable or are

    you going to leap and go for what you want?”

    Going for what you want is a theme Ledisi continues to explore in, That Good

    Good, which she co-wrote with Angelica Lea, Jon Jon Trax and Claude Kelly,

    with whom she collaborated on the 2011 hit Pieces of Me. The song, a playful,

    up-tempo, nod to female sexual assertiveness is a syncopated pro-woman

    anthem to put all others to shame. “I heard the song and I went bananas,” says

    Ledisi. “I love songs that tell women it’s okay to ask their partners for what they

    want. You know, like ‘Can you do this? If you can’t then get out of the way!’ It

    took me a while to be that forward. So when I heard it in a song, I was like ‘Oh,

    this is me now! I love it!’”

    “That Good Good doesn’t have to be sexual,” she continues. “It can be about

    asking for the best kind of loving and promising you are going to give it back.”

    If The Good Good is about asking for what you want, Lose Control is the

    declaration of a woman who got just what she needed: some late-night down and

    dirty. It’s music to listen to when words alone can’t express your desire. “Laced

    red high heel shoes, left behind some clues,” Ledisi sings. “Follow the roses, let

    me reward you for loving me like you’re supposed to.”

    Ledisi says while creating Lose Control, which she co-wrote with long-time

    producer Rex Rideout (Luther Vandross, Angie Stone, Will Downing), she drew

    on the experiences of people around her. “I asked Rex, how does it feel to feel to

    be married?” she recalls. “And I asked another producer, how does it feel to be

    single? And I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if people started getting

    excited about getting intimate? We don’t have enough songs like that, songs that

    describe romance. Wouldn’t it be good to describe what we are going to do in a

    classy intimate and aggressive way? Why can’t women lead?”

    Ledisi explains that her new music is a reflection of her journey of self-discovery.

    “There was a time when I felt like I had to please everybody,” she says. “Now I’m

    like ‘I don’t care anymore,’ I just want to be fully out there and be the person I

    really am, which is someone who loves being open and fun.”

    But all this self love didn’t enter Ledisi’s life without her shedding some baggage.

    In 88 Boxes, Ledisi tells an intimate tale of a failed relationship. “If you would

    have said ‘I loved you,’ I would have turned around and stayed. But you said

    nothing. Did you really love me?” Ledisi sings on the hauntingly beautiful track

    that is as mournful as it is memorable.

    “88 Boxes is about me letting go,” she explains. “I was moving out and had to

    count how many boxes I had for the moving truck. For women, it’s hard for us to

    leave things and people that we love. We stay in situations almost like martyrs to

    ourselves. At the same time I was leaving, I am recognizing that the other person

    didn’t want me to leave but didn’t know how to say the words, ‘Don’t go.’ In 88

    Boxes, I am being somewhat sympathetic to that...but I am also focusing on the

    reality of what is...the end of a love affair."

    The track, which Ledisi had originally penned as a poem, was recorded in a

    single take. “I laid it down in the dark,” she remembers. “Everyone had been

    telling me how I should record the song, but my vocal producer, Roland Jack,

    who is like a brother to me, said, “Led I want you to do what you wrote. Forget all

    these people. Get your butt in that booth and sing the truth. When I came out the

    room everybody had their mouths open like, “Oh my God!” It was one of the

    hardest songs to record and it’s honest.”

    Ledisi’s courage to be so vulnerable isn’t the only positive byproduct of her

    transformation. “Over the past few years, I’ve really had to ask myself, ‘Who are

    you and what do you want to be,’” she reflects. “I did some mediation and I

    started working out hard. Not like how I used to where I would do a couple of

    crunches and then drink a soda! Now I’m really challenging myself. And I love

    this girl! She’s free and uninhibited and having fun with life. I’ve learned that

    when you really love who you are, it radiates! It all starts from the within. It all

    starts from accepting The Truth.”

    Ledisi’s thrill of self-discovery is now available for all of us to enjoy, on The


  • Sharon Jones
    Sharon Jones

    Sharon Jones Is Back!

    For Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, 2013 has become a year of unforeseen challenges and

    transformations. Three months before the original scheduled release of the group’s highly

    anticipated fifth studio record, Give the People What They Want, Sharon Jones, the lead singer

    and matriarch of the worlds’ #1 live soul act, was diagnosed with cancer. What was projected to

    be a hectic and exciting year of worldwide touring was quickly taken over by hospital rooms,

    doctors, and many unknowns. At 57, Jones has lived through her fair share of hardships and

    heartbreak, but being separated from the stage and her fans has proven to be the most difficult

    challenge yet.

    Thanks to an extremely gifted medical staff, several months of recovery and the infinite love and

    support from friends, family and fans, Sharon is back, ready to once again join her Dap-Kings as

    they share their music with people around the globe. “My fans are what kept me fighting, and

    kept me focused on getting better”, Jones says. “Everything I love can be summed up by the

    moment I get on stage, and start giving the people what they want. That’s real love. That’s real


    * * *

    Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Give the People What They Want

    While many artists have come and gone, why have Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings only continued

    to grow steadily in popularity around the world? How can they continue to sell-out huge theaters,

    headline festivals, and sell hundreds of thousands of records year after year with neither major

    label support nor a single radio hit? The reason is simple. People love their music. There is no

    other band around today that plays with the rhythm, feeling, or explosive power of the Dap-

    Kings, there is no other singer that can match the energy and honest soul of Sharon Jones, and

    there is no other record that embodies this captivating sound better than their latest studio

    endeavor, Give the People What They Want.

    Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings formed out of the ashes of Desco Records, a fiercely independent

    label that developed an international underground following for releasing hard funk vinyl in the

    nineties. After the label’s demise in 1999, the family of musicians that populated it’s roster

    regrouped to form an all-star band that would become the core of the Daptone Records stable. It

    was obvious that the new label’s first release would be the debut full length of the fiery Sharon

    Jones. 2002’s Dap Dippin’ with Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings would prove to be the birth of

    a juggernaut.

    Over the next ten years, the band toured vigorously, crafting electrifying shows that brought

    packed rooms to rapture, leaving only dropped jaws and sweat drenched dance floors behind

    them. They continued to record albums and 45’s to critical acclaim and public delight, and with

    each successive release found themselves in bigger and bigger rooms. 2005’s Naturally brought

    them their first network television performance on Conan O’Brian. 2007’s 100 Days, 100 Nights

    would sell over 100,000 copies in the states alone, a staggering success for an independent

    release, and 2010’s I Learned the Hard Way debuted at #16 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart

    outselling it’s predecessor in only it’s first few months.

    Tremendous success on TV would follow, with the Dap-Kings appearing on The Colbert Report,

    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay

    Leno, Conan, as the house band for Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars, and as

    performers on 2012’s VH-1 Divas.

    Beyond their own records and performances, others have tapped them consistently for a sound

    that simply cannot be found elsewhere. They have been sampled, licensed for film and TV, and

    called upon time and again to join other artists both on stage and in studio. This past year has

    been no exception.

    Sharon and the band were invited by Prince to open for his shows at New York’s Madison Square

    Garden and in Paris, and joined John Legend and the National Symphony Orchestra to re-imagine

    Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin’ On at the Kennedy Center. The Dap-Kings backed Beck as the

    musical core of his innovative Hello Again project; worked with David Byrne & St. Vincent,

    Ariana Grande and Sara Bareilles; laid down studio tracks with producer Bob Rock for Michael

    Buble’s latest album, and returned to the studio with Mark Ronson to record two Amy Winehouse

    tracks posthumously (after the band’s previous grammy winning performance on Winehouse’s

    Back to Black) for Lioness: Hidden Treasures. Sharon collaborated with David Byrne, They

    Might Be Giants, Rufus Wainwright, and Lou Reed, and joined Michael Bublé on Saturday Night

    Live to perform their duet “Baby (You Got What it Takes)”. She also acted and sang in the Denzel

    Washington film, The Great Debaters. Adding in their own heavy touring schedule as well as

    their participation in other Daptone outfits (including studio and road dates with The Menahan

    Street Band, The Sugarman Three, and Charles Bradley), it is not hard to see Sharon Jones & the

    Dap-Kings have been in high demand.

    However, with all of the commitments and distractions of success, the band has never lost focus

    on their objective: bringing their music directly to the people who need it. Last year, they

    returned once again to Daptone’s studio/headquarters in Bushwick, Brooklyn (affectionately

    known by many as “The House of Soul”) to write and record a new record. This time, the band

    (drummer Homer Steinweiss, guitarists Binky Griptite and Joe Crispiano, conguero Fernando

    Velez, trumpet player Dave Guy, tenor saxophonist Neal Sugarman, baritone saxophonist

    Cochemea Gastelum, and bassist/producer Bosco Mann) brought in background vocalists the

    Dapettes (Saundra Williams and Starr Duncan), who have been touring with the band for over a

    year, to round out the sound and in a few weeks emerged with thirty tracks of what would be their

    strongest work to date.

    “The hardest part was picking the tunes for the record,” says Mann. “I don’t think we’ve ever

    had a session that was that exciting and productive before. It just seemed like everybody had so

    many songs and riffs bottled up from being on the road so long. The writing just came naturally,

    each one of us feeding off each other just like we do on stage. It was a real collaboration and I

    think that shows on the record. It obviously has all of the hard rhythm and drive that people

    expect from us – perhaps more – but we’ve definitely crossed into some uncharted territory. Our

    songwriting process has definitely blossomed into something pretty amazing, and Sharon never

    ceases to amaze us with her energy. She seems to sing better and better every day.”

    From the drop of the needle onto the relentless stomping entrance of Retreat!, the lilting cathartic

    bounce of the anthemic We Get Along, and the irresistible syncopations of Stranger to My

    Happiness, straight through to the intoxicating fade out groove of Slow Down, Love, the Dap-

    Kings have fulfilled the seemingly impossible promise of their own career and brought us the

    next chapter in what’s proving to be an enduring story of a truly prolific band. Simply great

    music from a great band, because in the end, that’s all the people really want.

  • India.Arie

    Sometimes you have to step back to move forward. Coming to that realization—let alone taking that crucial first step—can be a daunting endeavor. Now on the other side of a self-imposed four-year hiatus, India.Arie returns with the most illuminating album of her career.

    SongVersation (Soulbird/Motown, June 25) reunites the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter/producer with longtime writing partner/co-producer Shannon Sanders. Recorded in Atlanta and Los Angeles, India.Arie’s fifth studio album features additional production from singer/songwriter David Ryan Harris and songwriter Michael Ruff. The result is a compelling snapshot of her hard-won breakthrough to simultaneous personal and artistic growth.

    “This is where I’ve been for the last four years,” reflects the singer. “I’ve struggled most of my career to feel comfortable with how things were, how I was treated, the politics of the music industry. I needed to pull back from the public eye to ground myself and rebuild my life and career. It’s a process many of us go through: spiritual maturation, spiritual awakening, clearing out the old and starting anew.”

    Her inner renewal pulsates throughout SongVersation, starting with lead single “Cocoa Butter.” The mid-tempo groove and image-rich verses mirror the soothing balm that is the song’s namesake. “Your love is like cocoa butter on my heart … \ I show you my burns \ you show me lessons learned,” sings a re-energized India.Arie.

    The singer exudes quiet power on the non-apologetic “Life I Know” as well as the empowerment-themed “Just Do You.” With its spare instrumentation, honest and engaging lyrics framed by melodic R&B, SongVersation finds India.Arie coming back full circle to the basics that captivated a global legion of fans on debut albumAcoustic Soul.

    But underscoring those basics now is a fervent spirit born out of epiphanies, health imbalances and hard decisions that occurred over the past four years.

    “On my last two albums, I felt like I was fighting to grow,” says India.Arie. “And that was dehumanizing. Everything became and sounded more complex, instead of me just being.”

    No more. As India.Arie sings on the album’s centerpiece “Break the Shell”: “Child, it’s time to break the shell \ Life’s gonna hurt but it’s meant to be felt \ You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself \ You cannot fly until you break the shell.”

    “Putting spiritual and empowerment ideals into music concepts … that’s always been the core message of my music—and it seemed I was talking to others …” says India.Arie. “But the truth is that it was my message to myself because I was yearning to know the peace of a self-defined life.”

    Born in Denver and later relocating to Atlanta as a teen, India.Arie went from “singing under a tree in the park” to the Grammy Awards stage in five years, earning seven nominations for her 2001 double-platinum debut Acoustic Soul featuring her first hit single “Video.” That was followed in 2002 by the platinum-sellingVoyage to India, 2006’s gold-certified Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship and its 2009 sequel Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics. But despite 21 Grammy nominations, four Grammys and 10 million albums sold worldwide, something was wrong.

    “In 2009 I let go,” recalls India.Arie. “I realized I had to seize the chance to make the career and life I wanted, not accepting what others wanted me to do. So I decided to retire, asking God to show me where I am supposed to be.”

    Music did eventually come back into her life through a series of vulnerable songs she began writing for a self-funded new project called Open Door. But three years into the project, she shelved it. “I was confronted by the same questions,” says India.Arie. “Who are you? How are you shaping the big picture of your life?”

    Exhausted from writing and recording Open Door, the singer didn’t feel like doing another album. But instead of waiting another three years, she took a day to pray. Six months later she finished SongVersation.

    “That was my first glimpse of a new resilience, of stepping into my power,” she recalls. “It’s about not having anything to prove except to simply express myself because it’s who I am—not as a means to an end. Chasing that and topping that is not me. It’s about being more me in both my life and career.”

    She recently embraced the former by expanding Soulbird, her label imprint, into a multi-faceted company housing her other entrepreneurial endeavors: jewelry, apparel, merchandise, film and TV, music and book publishing. She’s also ready again for fans to hear India.Arie, the singer/songwriter.

    “I wasn’t ready until now,” she says. “I love where things are on and offstage. I trusted my intuition through every line and note of every song on this album, following the flow. And the ease of the flow is always a sign that I am in the right place, doing the right thing. And that is all I’ve ever wanted. I createdSongVersation from that place.”

  • Jordin Sparks
    Jordin Sparks

    It has been nothing short of a whirlwind: The then youngest-ever winner of American Idol, Jordin Sparks was just seventeen years old when she won the coveted title. In reflection, it was the best training ground she could have ever had. “I didn’t know it when we were doing the show, but all the interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff prepared me for now. Being on Idol was exciting, exhilarating and slightly traumatic. I won the show I was a fan of, what could be better?” Thrown right in to the spotlight, and in to the recording studio, Jordin passed GO and never looked back. 

    In the four years that have followed, Jordin has released two albums on 19 Recordings/Jive Records. Her self-titled debut went platinum, selling over 2 million copies worldwide, with the first three singles going top 5 and the album’s second single, “No Air” selling 4 million digital downloads. “No Air” also is the highest selling single by any American Idol contestant and is listed #27 in Billboard’s Top 40 Biggest Duets of All Time. Jordin’s second release, 2009’s BATTLFIELD, debuted on the Billboard Album chart at number seven, with the first single, also called "Battlefield," reaching the top ten on the Billboard Singles Chart and second single, "S.O.S. (Let the Music Play),” topping the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, becoming Jordin’s first #1. Sparks also co-wrote four tracks on the album, including “911 Emergency,” “Was I The Only One,” “Faith,” and “The Cure.” Cumulatively, her popular singles have sold almost 9 million downloads/ringtones. 

    Sparks has toured with Alicia Keys, The Jonas Brothers, and Britney Spears and performed for Presidents Bush and Obama, won two BET Awards, one American Music Award, one People’s Choice Award and has been nominated for two MTV Awards and one Grammy. 

    So with domination of popular music checked off her bucket list, what was Sparks going to do next? First up, Broadway. Debuting as Nina Rosario in the Tony award winning musical In The Heights in the Fall of 2010, Sparks spent 12 weeks on the great white way. In the Fall of 2010 Jordin also unveiled her first ever fragrance line with the fruity floriental scent titled, “Because of You”- thoughtfully named by Sparks to pay tribute to her fans that have helped her to achieve her dreams. 

    In the summer of 2011 Jordin Sparks was featured on the cover of People Magazine’s Summer Double Issue, MOST AMAZING BODIES, sang the theme song for the Disney film, “African Cats”, released the hot dance single, “I Am Woman” (which became the theme song of the WNBA), and joined New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys as a special guest on their North American summer tour. 2012 is proving to be even more exciting as Sparks makes her feature film debut as Sparkle in the SONY Pictures film by the same name. 

  • Chaka Khan
    Chaka Khan


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